Building a house is easy but making it your home can be difficult. The architect will design your house, but you have to create your home. Once you are done, the immense happiness you feel with all that money spent on it feels worthwhile.

But what happens down the line. Suddenly that flawless beauty of the house turns bland. The sofa just doesn’t seem to go with the curtains. The neighbor’s dining table appears to undermine your classic teak finished dining table. What to do?

The green papers that used to rule your pockets show no mercy to you. “You don’t need their mercy! Just live with your beautiful house,” the white side of will say from the background. “No, I can go rob a bank or something because I need a house that to make nosy neighbors insecure,” says the dark horned side of yours.

I am sorry. I am just binge-watching a lot of oldies, and it is turning my head. Coming to the point, the right side of yours need to compromise between your two split personalities. Make a budget and revamp your house to freshen things up a bit.

I’ll help you. I have conglomerated some tips that will help you redesign your house on a shoestring budget.

Clean the house

To give your house a new makeover, you need to clean it first. Declutter your house with the things you don’t use. Sell it online, and you never know you’ll get a good deal. A cleaner house will freshen things in itself. Also, make some more space for new ideas that will decorate your house. That cleaned up the furnace and ventilation shafts will not only help in revamping the house but also in improving the functioning of the house.

Change Doorknobs, Handles, and Hinges

Replacing your old handles and door knobs will surprisingly seem like a significant change. It is the most cost-effective way of getting that fresh vibe. It is! Do give it a try.

Buy a new Front Door

It entirely depends upon your budget. If you have a lesser budget, then the changing of the door knobs will suffice. This though is more of an addition than you think. This is the first thing your guests notice and for sure will fetch you a lot of compliments. Also, a lazy sloth like me who opens the door after at least three rings, well that just gives your door more viewing time.

Change the lights

Ok! Leave out the chandelier if is too expensive, don’t worry visit light stores and find some beautiful, unique lights for your house. Lights make the essence of the house. Hang them, install them at right places and see that decor of yours shining like stars in the sky.

Fill the house with flowers

They are cheap. They are beautiful. They will tune up your olfactory senses. They are one of the best cost-effective decors you will find. The small pots in your living room and dining room just builds the aroma of the house and gives your place a positive vibe.

Paint the walls

What gives more of the new vibe than those stainless walls. Also, a new color or shade will provide you with that refreshed up feeling. Does it look like some of that new house vibe is coming back? Already imagining the color of the walls. There are different patterns and shade you can choose from according to your budget.

Hang New Photos

Believe me, this does wonders. Those new photos will make your old house look like you bought it yesterday. Also, it is time you stop seeing your slimmer 10-year self and start facing reality.

Re-arrange your furniture

If you have that budget constraint and your pocket doesn’t allow you to buy that new set of sofas and dining table. Re-arrange them, and that old sofa suddenly seems better. Also, buy a new table cloth for your dining table or little decorative items for it, so it gets that fresh bite to it. Time to make the neighbors jealous!

These are some very cost effective things you can do to improve your home. Rather than spending those big bucks on building a new house, you can just revamp your home with these simple tips. Make your house your home, so when you leave, you feel good, when you come back, you feel good. It is not just four walls! It is your home. Home Sweet Home.

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