So, you have realized that your pet is an important part of your life and are planning to apply for an emotional support animal letter.

Like many, you might also be worrying about consulting with an ESA doctor. You might be thinking-

  • How should I talk to the doctor?
  • What would the doctor ask?
  • Whether I will pass the ESA recommendation or not?

At the same time, it’s important to note that your doctor is the only person who can help you get get ESA benefits. Thus, you must talk openly to the doctor to help him understand the reasons why you want to convert your pet into an emotional support animal.

Read on to learn about how you should talk to a mental health practitioner for an emotional support animal letter.

Consulting an ESA doctor – how to talk?

With an ESA letter, you are eligible for—flying or living with your dog or cat without paying any extra fees.

To apply for your emotional support animal letter, you must consult a mental health professional. The professional can be any therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc. who is licensed in a state or jurisdiction to write an ESA letter. Before making an appointment, don’t forget to check the licensing information of the doctor to ensure that you get the genuine letter.

Here are some important tips to talk to an ESA doctor-

Do your homework

Before seeing a therapist, make sure you have studied everything about emotional support animals. You can read online articles and watch videos on “benefits of an ESA,” “how an ESA can help you manage your mental illnesses,” etc. Also, try to know what’s the importance of your dog in your life and why is it necessary for you to live with the pet.

Keep your medical history ready

Collect your medical history, reports, etc. about your mental illness to show to your doctor at the time of consultation.

Be sure your condition is listed in the ESA qualifying conditions-

There are many mental disorders for which an ESA a letter is provided. Some of these include—anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD), bipolar disorder, motor skill disorder, etc. Check if your condition is included in the list.

Be honest

Be honest, calm and confident when talking to an ESA doctor. State all the reasons why you want to register your dog as an emotional support animal and how living with your four-legged animal can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Apply for your ESA letter online

Unlike visiting a doctor’s clinic, seeing an ESA doctor online can help you save time and money. Just complete an online form, consult a therapist online, and done. You will receive your emotional support dog letter in the PDF format through the mail.

What’s the bottom line? An ESA letter provides you with legal permission to receive continuous emotional support from your dog, surpassing all the pet restriction related to traveling and housing. When talking to a therapist, be open and confident to discuss your condition—this will definitely increase your chances of getting an ESA letter.

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