Planning a move is already a headache, and if then you have to arrange a yard sale meanwhile too, the hell broke out, and hence, Jersey City movers prepared this handbook.

In this blog, we are providing the new movers with the essential tips that are going to help you guys in your yard sale before you move.

As per leading magazine Forbes, each year $219,563,500 exchanges hands thanks to the yard sales in the country.

Yard sales are so popular that each week in the United States of America, 165,000 yard sales take place. 


Okay, it is a tradition in the trends at the land of opportunities that people before moving from a place to another hold yard sales.

If you are one of the moving birds too, the first thing you got to learn is to work on the display of your items.

The buyer buys what he sees, so let’s make the seeing part butter plain for them. Do not dump everything you don’t need in the yard on a sheet and ask them to pick what they want.

NO SIR! You got to be smart, categorize things, label them properly and always be present on the sale, in case anyone needs any assistance.

Clean it All

You have to clean everything before putting them on the sale. People know you are selling used stuff, they know these things value nothing to you now, and your job is to make them forget it.

No one likes to buy items coated in the dirt; they are looking for used items in good shape, give them that only.

We aren’t asking you to dry clean everything, but a little dusting must always be on the charts.

Jersey City movers believe that majority of the Americans are looking for articles in mint condition in yard sales. 

Put Small Item Close To Checkout Counter

It is the strategy most of the supermarkets all around the world are using the same. This way, when people will wait for you to pack their new belongings, they get to explore more.

This is an idea to lure more customers in, and sell small goods which are often neglected in yard sales.  

Make it Big

See you are enthralled with the word big too, all the people like it big. So, you can ask your neighbors to break the chain and instead of holding separate sales, arrange a big purchase.

This way will give people more options in one place hence attracting bigger crowds. Increase in the sales and more buyers mean you can get the best rates for your goods.

How much for this?

This point is the most important which was saved for the last. For a successful yard sale, you have to determine two prices of everything, the lowest and one on display.

Yard sales are a synonym of good stuff on cheap rates, and everyone is going to bargain with you on everything.

Therefore, it is better to set the display rate higher than the actual price, so there’s room for fake negotiation.


These are a few psalms from Jersey City Movers bible which will help you make big bucks from a yard sale.

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