What if Kevin McCallister’s mother in the movie “Home Alone” had a smartphone with a travel app?

She could have easily been able to reach Chicago in pretty much less than three days. Doesn’t smartphone make sense in such situations?

Well! Not for the movie for sure. It would have changed the whole scenario and we could have missed an ultimate roller coaster story. 

But, the reality is far from fiction. 

Taking out time from our busy schedules is altogether one of the most challenging things that people need to accomplish. And, last minute emergencies can actually take out all the fun. 

For me, smartphones are nothing but a mode to capture and connect. It gives me the freedom to seize all those moments of happiness for years to come. 

It’s like an extended mind that shows the images that were supposed to make us happy every time we see them. 

Here are some of the reasons smartphones can actually be a mode of convenience for thousands of travelers.

Click and Go

Having a smartphone helps you to let go off those heavy DSLRs and gears. Hence, helping you to travel without any extra baggage. Just take it out, click a selfie or something that excites you. And you are good to go.

Become Your Own Screenplay Writer

Smartphones have access to some of the incredible editing apps. Capture, edit and make it your own story. 

When used right, it gives access to a number of apps that can enhance your traveling experience actually in a single click. 

Share When You Want

This is one of the best things to do if you are traveling solo. Get connected to your friends and family via chats, phone calls, videos, live streaming, and location details.

Plus, you can click, edit and share on a number of social media channels. It can be fun and engaging while you are traveling to your favorite destinations. 

Imagine, one of your clicks get shared by a popular brand and you become famous right that very moment.

Yeah, right. It can’t be done all the time. Just focus on making memories and let the world know. 

Keep Up With Your Entertainment Quotient

There are times when you have to travel in metros, buses, or other modes for long hours. Smartphones can be extremely helpful in such situations. 

For instance, you can look for funny Instagram videos or a short movie while traveling distances and nothing else seems to be captivating at all.

Having The World In Your Hands

Traveling to different places help to connect with different cultures and meeting new people. But, sometimes decoding the expressions or the talk can be tedious. 

Having apps related to every stuff can help to sort things for you within a few minutes. A magic wand in your hands. 

Smartphones have definitely changed the ways of traveling. It’s like Click-Tick-Go. Everything is available on your fingertips from bookings to photo apps to finding the best places around. 

But, as they say, excess of anything is bad. Don’t let social sharing and every minute selfies make you miss the nature and moments of the destination. Be creative with smartphones but don’t let the travel part be with smartphones as well. 

Make friends, hang out. Don’t end up being with your phone while traveling to some of the exciting parts of the world. 

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