Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana both are some pretty impressive substances of the 21st century. 

You must be aware of the fact that how crazy marijuana enthusiasts are in real life, right? Some call it a side effect of some perfect advertisement; others call it pure love for the herb. 

When it is a topic of argument; whether it is craziness or just immense love, we know one thing that it is saving lives. 

But, wait this is not the point, the point is, how it will help you meet with the love if your life? Let’s discuss;

If They Are Crazy About Weed, They Will be About You Too.

Let’s focus on the community; 90s kids were calling hippies, okay now these are the people famous for funny brownies. 

Check the symbolism they were carrying around, “one love,” “flowers,” “big hearts,” and happy faces were signal for hippies.

These people are happy people, and they care most about their weed and love more than anything. 

Now, think about it, why would you not go out with a person who is mentally stable and has love in it?

Stoners know the value of true love and are rarely aggressive. My mother taught me this; if s/he is crazy about his/her weed, s/he will be mad about you too. 

Common Interests


For the people who do joint, no one is more interesting than a person who smokes like them too. 

How to crush? How to roll it neatly? How much weed should a joint have? Weed people have so much to share and talk about. 

On the other hand, hey, you will never run out of the supply, as one of the two persons will always have weed. 

Smoking Together

Drinkers can relate to it. A partner in crime is just an essential companion as a wife or a mother. Couples who smoke together, stay together for more extended periods.

As per a study published in the magazine Fine, couples who smoke a joint together are happier than who do not do it. 

These people are also more peaceful than nonsmokers and face fewer arguments and fights. The study was carried on 600 people for over nine years.


It was a time when we used to go to bars to pick up dates, but medical marijuana dispensaries are the new date points. 

No, I am not crazy. Neither am I high, but this is true. Just imagine you are in a medical marijuana dispensary and picking up a strain when another person goes for the same strain, and your hands meet. 

Well, something similar can happen, not in the exact Bollywoody way, but more of a healthy way. You can talk to people with similar interests here, and no one will judge you for using weed. 

Closing Argument

What do you think, huh? Isn’t it cool or something? See, life is beautiful, and it is too precious to spare on the wrong person. 

Smoking can be a problem for people who do not smoke, and weed can be a massive problem for the same. So, it is always positive to love someone who is a smoker too. It is also essential to understand that when it comes to marijuana, you can also switch to other products for elf medicating. But it is always advised to see a 420 doctor for getting medical marijuana in New York. Once you have your medical card, you may bump into the love of your life at the dispensary only. Who knows!

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