Many of us try to cut down on sugar, beers, and many other foods to stay fit and healthy. Our meals play a very crucial part in keeping us fit and healthy. But, eating out can make it difficult as we don’t find much that is “healthy enough” when we go out for a meal. And if you are also on a mission to stay fit and healthy, you will need to cut drinking and stop having junk food. This means no pizzas, burgers, or any other junk food. I know, eating at home all the time can get boring and you need to go out sometime to just change the mood a bit. But, don’t worry, you can still carry on with your clean-eating and avoid any fatty food, beer and lethargy by choosing these healthiest restaurants in San Francisco. You can find many options including juices, quinoa, and kale.

San Francisco is a heaven if you are a foodie. Though it is very hard to find healthy restaurants in cities, San Francisco is different. You can find some of the most amazing healthy restaurants here. Healthy restaurants are scattered all around San Francisco that you will love while you are on dietary limitations. So, to help you find them here’s a list of top healthy restaurants you can go to in San Francisco.

Project Juice

You will get hooked to the smoothies they make. In the beginning, you used to sell only ready-to-beverages and some snacks. That was good too, but they have grown a lot since then, and for good. You can find elixirs, a raw “burrito”, pad Thai with kelp noodles, waffles, toast, and the all-time favorite, smoothies. You can find the store in Russian Hill, Palo Alto, or the Mission outpost. You can go to any location, you will find the stores clean and a happy vibe in the environment. They are my favorite for a reason, the efforts they put in for every item on their menu can be felt when you have them. 

The best things to order from Project Juice are golden toast, acai bowl, smoothies (you can never go wrong with them) and cashew mylk.


This popular small spot is at locations. One is on Larkin Street and the other one is on Fillmore. Both places have the same amazing food and you will feel satisfied having coffee there. Tasty Turmeric Tonic and Super Super Healthy salad bowl will refresh you at once. Being small, this is a buzzy spot, so you might want to try to plan your visit at a bit off-peak hours if you don’t want to stand in line to find a table. And if you have very strong luck, then only you can find a table to sit at noontime.

Order anything you want, you will never feel like you’ve wasted your time and money by being there. But, if you want, you can start with The Green Queen for salads, avocado toast, Cobb salad, and warm quinoa bowl.

Nourish Cafe

This beautiful place serves all plant-based and organic food and smoothies. This woman-owned business makes everything with whole, fresh ingredients bought from local farms and purveyors. You can find salads, smoothies, and even vegan cakes. This cafe is located in the Inner Richmond district and Nob Hill at 1030 Hyde Street. You may find these spots a bit small but they have one of the best healthy menus in the town. And if you go to the gym, you can find some of the best post-workout meals here. You may find hard to get a parking spot there, so be patient.

The best item to order at Nourish cafe is The Nourish bowl. The simple and tasty combination of various flavors is just amazing. Another thing that I eat a lot whenever I go there is the chocolate chip cookies.

Little Gem

If you want to stay away from gluten, dairy, and refined sugar, Little Gem is will be the best choice for you. You can find good options for a heavy lunch too. This place in Hayes Valley is good for a relaxed date night. It is also very casual, you can even go in your workout clothes to eat if you want. You can even make a reservation for the night to make sure you have a table to sit. This place is casual and modern. 

The best things to order here would be Bibimbap bowl and spiced hummus with naan-bread.

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