The holiday season is back. There’s nothing like coming back to your home decorated in all the festivities. The air turns frosty and the radio starts tuning “Jingle Bell Rocks” all day. Truly the best time of the year. But this comes with responsibilities. All that decorations don’t hang themselves. 

Don’t get me wrong I love decorations but not decorating. First, you have to go buy them, then pull every creative muscle in your body to decorate the house. It is definitely not how I want to spend my countdown to Christmas. I’d rather sit peacefully on my couch across the fireplace and read myself a fiction. And believe me, decorations don’t come at cheap prices. 

All that splurge and work, put off the great vibe of the holiday season. So, this year I vow to not let this happen. Definitely not breaking the bank for getting decorations this year. 

So, let’s see how we can decorate our house on a horseshoe budget

The Essentials

There are some decorations that are ‘needs’ more than ‘wants.’ The items that hold the most value and meaning this season must be where you invest in. Consider splurging on these than on items that you get just for the sake of it. 

Christmas Tree

What’s Christmas without Christmas trees. Whether you get a real or an artificial one, it will be the center of attention of your house. If you are getting an artificial one, it is worth getting a better one because that will last more years. Also, go for the ones that can be easily assembled and stored whilst not compromising the beauty of the tree. 

Tree Toppers

If you are getting a Christmas tree, then tree topper is essential. You can’t just put anything there, you need something that makes a statement. Choose an angel, star, or something sentimental that you can build a tradition around. Decorating is a part of festivities in itself, celebrate by toasting and creating yourself a long-living memory. 


Christmas is arguably the most popular festival of the year. Sharing gifts and celebrating it with your loved ones is what makes it so special. So, why let go of the age-old tradition of hanging your stocking just to find it filled with goodies in the morning. Get yourself and your family custom made stockings. You can also have the names of your family members embroidered on them. 


Some decorations are passed down through generations. And that is what makes Christmas all the more special. It is never too late to start a new tradition, so don’t worry about spending too much here. Get something small or inexpensive if your budget is restricted. These small moments and things amount to much greater in the future. 


Now, Christmas is all about celebrating it with the people you love. A Christmas dinner with your family, friends or other loved ones makes the festival all the more special. Want to impress them? Serve them food on fine holiday china. Don’t exactly need to get holiday theme dishes, just mix and match it with the holiday decorations. It may seem like a big splurge, but you are saving on a lot of things, this is something you deserve.  


Clean the indoors and outdoors to give your house a new fresher look. A deep cleanse of your house will not only bring fresh new energy in your house but will make your decorations look all the more beautiful. It is understandable that most people don’t have time to do it. But then there are cleaning services NYC that you can hire to do the cleaning for you. Believe me, this will help.

The Haggles

Other than the decorations mentioned above, the rest can be considered a haggle or in easy word saves. While you can splurge a lot on these but you don’t need to. Save your big bucks here and use it where it matters. 


Sell a kidney and the money wouldn’t be enough. Yes, there is never enough greenery, am I right? Your credit cards take a big hit from the boughs and wreaths which you can easily get from a crafts store rather than from specialty stores. Or you can cut some fresh boughs from your own tree.  


Some cost a buck and some $30 apiece, but then you get a beautiful display. Get them but don’t splurge. Assign an understandable budget for these and make sure you stick to it. You can also create them yourself using wood cutouts and spray painting them. 


This is where the creative mongers inside you should jump up in the excitement and not let the green monsters from your pocket get out. There are several ways to create beautiful decorative displays for your house. Try and repurpose the supplies you can find around in your house or yard. Colorful fruits, holiday mints, and candy canes can always help. 


It is very important that you assign a budget for your Christmas decorations. Even if you have your haggles and essentials listed, it is important to make a budget before hitting a store. Small things can quickly add up to pack a power punch to your pocket especially if you are not keeping track. 

One interesting way is to keep cash in a holiday decor envelope or download an app on your phone to help you with it. There are a number of applications that will help you in appropriation and making sure that you stick to the budget. 

The Last Words

In the end, it bogs down to what you need the most more than how much you can spend. When it comes to buying decorations, the sky is the limit. You can never have enough decorations. Setting down your priorities and getting what’s necessary is what you should be eying. Do you want to continue traditions and make new ones? Grab your family and friends, tune on some music and start decorating. It is so much fun!

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