Your store is already full. And now, your garage is in the queue. A year ago, I used to hear frequently, ‘it’s good to go in the garage.” yeah! I know it’s funny, but my mom was all about sending unnecessary things to my father’s old garage located in our yard. Even our yard was like a cluttered space at that time. When my mother was doing that, she didn’t know that it’s only declining the value of our house. But, later, when visitors started complaining about the entire outdoor look, things changed! We both decided that stashing everything in the same garage is not a permanent solution. So, we found forever ways of de-cluttering our outdoor space. This blog will shed light on some handsome solutions to tackle all the litter in your house.

Fences With Built-Ins

Fencing your house yard is a great way to protect plants and flowers in the garden. And an excellent way to store all your unnecessary items. There is a thing like a wall with built-ins. These are basically outdoor versions of cabinets where you can save a lot of tiny things. Comfortable to open, easy to close, and clean, what do you need more? 

People across Europe are very fond of these fences. Almost every household is building wooden walls with cabinets. This not only gives them a secret space to hide unwanted possessions but also provides them with a lot of privacy. Moreover, a sense of security is always there with the fencing wall. It functions in all three directions of comfort. 

When my mother and I heard about it, we did not take it seriously. But later, when we thought about it, we find it very cool. And the good thing is we together build the wall of comfort in our yard. Now, we store all the gardening equipment in these fencing cabinets only. Apart from this, those items we don’t use inside home find their home inside these cabinets only. By accepting this solution, you can also give a neat and clean outdoor appearance to your home.

Add an All-Purpose Shed

If you have a pooch in your house, believe me, the all-purpose shed is a necessity in your garden. It adds drama and a mysterious feel to your yard. Instead of making a lot of noise, it simply adds value to your entire house. Dog people love campfires, and these wooden sheds are the best places to keep the wood for your next bonfire & barbecue session. Obviously, it’s not possible to go to the market every time for that melodious light night with your dog. 

Additionally, a home with children always needs updating. The needs of kids keep on changing with their age. So, a kid-home is forever full of unneeded stuff. Cycles, prams, toys, a lot of things are there which need a place to hide. All-purpose sheds can carry all these possessions. To save the most space, measure the size of cycles, and then build the shed. Just combine the wooden blocks and paint it yourself. Make it a masterpiece that shows the complete view of nature on it. And if you’re up for a weekend plan, remember, your yard needs to breathe. Provide it that space, take the help of your kids, and start building the shed.

Make a Storage Under Your Deck

You’re lucky if your house has an elevated deck. Make a storage house under it and just tuck all the tools and devices under it. You can make space here to stock your Christmas decorations. To give a complete look, you can also add doors to your tiny-secret warehouse. In modern homes, designers are utilizing the space under stairs for making libraries. And I was stunned when I saw it for the first time at my friend’s house. From there, I got the idea that yes, this is the solution to cover up all the mess. I shared the thing with my mum, and the very next day, we approached a house decorator. In a day, he gave us a perfect space that we are utilizing for storing folding chairs, board games, our pool equipment, and some broken electronics. Earlier, these all articles were getting wasted in our outdoor space, and it was really clumsy. Now, the story is different…


If you have a fair budget, installing all the three things will solve all your problems of keeping the unused materials. But, if you want it to be less pricey, building any of the above storage’s can help you a lot. At least, next time, you won’t go to put the things in your small garage. 

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