The cute, cuddly creatures that you see on all those endless videos. These affectionate creatures are hard to resist. Puppies have always been a great addition to any household, but before you bring home a living breathing creature into your house, there are some things that one should understand. 

Beyond being just cute, a puppy is a lot of responsibility. There are multiple factors to consider and decisions to make. This cannot be an impulse-driven decision, as you might not be ready for the puppy. Just imagine having a child. Now imagine that child never really growing up. That is the kind of responsibility that these animals carry with them.

Before doing anything, go through the list and only get a puppy if you’re 100% sure.

Are you Prepared?

Getting any creature is a lot of work, but puppies have quite an abundance to them. They are large commitment creatures. If you have never had a puppy before, it is challenging to fathom how much work they actually are.

emotional support dog

They need to be fed about 3-4 times a day, immediately followed by a trip outside. That is the only way they will be house trained. While they are being house trained, chances are they will do something in the house. This needs to be cleaned.

Puppies also don’t sleep through the night and might wake up several times throughout the night. This can be because they want to go out or even if they are just plain bored. 

They can also be destructive. They chew and lick whatever they find interesting, and there is a possibility that they might even eat anything. So they need to be continuously supervised

Otherwise, you might get in trouble.

They Are For Life

Dog ownership is a lifelong commitment. You develop deep bonds with a dog, and they more or less a central part of your family. Also, puppies don’t always stay small and will grow up, have a problem, & have personalities. Puppyhood is a phase, and only if you are ready to take the responsibility of them growing up get one. Be sure of your ability to provide food, water, shelter, love, medical care, and attention.

They Are Expensive

 A dog needs everything you can basically need for sustenance and then some. They are in other terms, a considerable financial commitment. Dogs require food, supplies, and veterinary care that can amount to a figure of around $800- $ 1000/ year. There are also funds you need to keep stashed away for emergency care that can go upwards of $250.   

Get Those Supplies

If you’re 100 % sure in your ability to take care of a puppy, you need to get your home set up before you get them home. Stock up with all the essential supplies, ranging from dog collars, ID tags, leashes, bowls, a dog bed, and toys. Ensure that you get a separate container for food and water.

Find That Vet

Check multiple sources before you decide who your vet is going to be. This is a crucial decision because your vet will determine the long term well being for your puppy.

Create A Safe Space For Your Animal

Your house is no longer going to be just your house. Just like childproofing is carried out, dog-proof your home. Anything that you deem to be toxic for your dog, remove it from their reach. Plastic, poisonous plants, and chemicals are all things that can be unknowingly ingested by your dog.  Ensure that your trash is kept in a closed lid dustbin that cannot be knocked over by your puppy.


Dogs are social animals too. Keeping them isolated will make them miserable and aggressive. Get out and expose them to various kinds of people and environments. This will create dogs that are stable, happy, and confident.

Groom Away 

A dog needs to be groomed on a regular basis. If you own a short haired dog, then the grooming sessions can be spread over a period, but if it’s a hairy dog, regular grooming is required for the upkeep of their coat. Otherwise, you are looking at a coat full of knots and matted fur along with infections.

Furthermore, a dog also needs to have their ears cleaned, toenails clipped, and teeth cleaned. Brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Nobody likes smelly breath. Teeth are also a decent indicator of other problems that your dog might have.  Consult your vet for the best toothpaste to be used on your dog.

More than anything, your dog has the potential to turn into an emotional support dog. You can’t let your companion feel anything less than love. Be sure about the long term implications of your decision. Only then will you be able to enjoy your time with a dog truly.                                   

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