Every now and again, a photo appears on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels, filling up all these media channels with hot chocolate desserts, cold meat cooked deliciously and much more. While some pictures are taken by professionals others are posted in an attempt to meet the social standards. However, each picture tells a story and it doesn’t matter if you upload that picture on your Instagram. Or else use an online portfolio builder to showcase food photography in your portfolio. 

Whatever the reason behind you taking pictures of your food, I am sure you all have experienced the different stages of photography and heeded some advice on how to perfect food photography. And the good news is if you are still seeking advice on how to take good pictures. We have listed a few tips that will allow you to take perfect food photographs. 

Play around with different heights

The height difference will help you create various visual layers. For instance, you could use a chopping board to raise the level of a certain food item or simply use a cake stand to capture what you cooked from different angles. In fact, you don’t even have to go higher or place your dish on the floor, all you have to do is use certain props. Like you can place an unkempt kitchen towel in the background and create a visual difference. However, if you decide to add height, just make sure that you create a natural frame, especially when shooting straight from different angles. 

Utilize a tripod

A tripod will always help you take good pictures. You see camera shake is the biggest reason behind blurry and out of focus shots. So, to make sure that all your pictures are in focus we suggest that you use a tripod. A tripod will help you take sharp and crisp images. It will also help you create beautiful compositions in still life photography. But most vitally, the tripod will help you adjust the camera settings according to the surrounding environment. This also means that you can adjust the focal length, place the camera at a 45-degree angle, and level your images. 

Find your photography muse 

Most creative artists don’t believe in the concept of muse any longer. But in ancient times, the Greeks believed that the inspiration behind any form of art was delivered by The Nine Muses. These nine muses were technically daughters of Zeus and they had to be enticed in order to receive creative inspiration. However, those times were different and since then the concept of the muse has changed a lot. So, in order to find your muse in the modern world, you have to simply look for good food photography. Spend at least 15 minutes every day absorbing pictures taken by professional photographers. You can also look at images taken by the professional photographers on Pinterest to gain a fresh perspective. Also, make sure that your inspiration moves you emotionally. This way you will be able to take pictures from a personal perspective. 

Learn to balance the depth of field and shutter speed

If you master both depth of field and shutter speed, you will be successful at capturing pictures of different styles. A combination of your perspective, different moments, and perfect technicalities will produce an effective image. So, make sure you tell your story through sharp images with enhanced focus and the right amount of exposure. 

Check your pictures before uploading them

Technology is tricky and it can distort your images before you even know it. The process begins with taking a good picture but your eventual goal is to present the picture. Unfortunately, the quality of your picture might get deteriorated as soon as you upload it. And the bad news is, nobody likes an unclear picture. This is why you have to upload a picture that is crystal clear. To do the same transfer all your files using a correct method, share pictures in the mail than social media accounts. Because we all know that social media channels tend to distort the quality of the image. And most vitally, if you think that your picture requires editing, see the sample of the picture before finally uploading it. 

Use tethered shooting

Tethered shooting is a great way to see the photo in real-time. Basically, it is a unique technique of taking pictures. In this form, all you have to do is tether your camera to the computer so that you can directly download the picture onto the computer. This technique also allows you to see the picture in real-time. Like you can take a picture, see what it looks like on your computer or laptop and then make changes wherever necessary. Not only this but you can also make son-spot lighting and styling adjustments to bring out the best in your photo.

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