Traveling with a dog is probably the most amazing experience you can have, if you are a pet enthusiast. You enjoy his company so much even at home, imagine taking him on a trip. And though you can enjoy a solo trip too, for people like me, traveling with a dog is probably the best thing that can happen.

However, if you are actually planning on taking your dog to a vacation, you need to do a bit of preparation. If you think it’s going to be anything like going out with a human friend, you are mistaken, my friend. It’s actually gonna be better! However, there are a few things you may need in order to make your travel experience with your pup even more amazing.

But what things do you need?

Well, the market is actually full of different useful products for your pets, aimed especially for traveling. However, there are certain travel products you should definitely get if you are planning on taking a trip with your dog.

Let’s take a look at a few.

Good Quality Accessories

You should note that traveling with a dog can be a little challenging for a few people, especially if they are doing it for the first time. However, a few good dog accessories can make the trip a lot more comfortable for you as well as your companion. And so, you should definitely have a high-quality pet travel kit that has all the important things, such as dog harnesses, shoes, water bottle, raincoat, etc.

Remember, these things are not available readily at every place. And so, you should first make a list of the items you need. And arrange them before your trip.

One particular thing that you should never forget if you are taking your dog on a trip is his toy. Understand that a dog is a very sensitive animal. And in case he gets an anxiety attack during the trip, his toy can help him calm down.

You may also carry a dog activity monitor to keep track of how much work your dog has done.

A Passport for Your Pet

Yes, your sight is just fine, and you’ve read it correctly. You need a pet passport. In fact, your dog’s passport is as important as your own.

Now, when I say you need a passport for your dog, don’t take it literally. A passport here means a certification by a qualified veterinary doctor suggesting that your pet is healthy enough to travel. This will make your trip a lot more convenient. 

This type of certification can come in handy even more if you are traveling with an emotional support animal. You probably know that an emotional support animal can fly with you inside the aircraft cabinet. However, if he is ill, you may not be allowed to keep it with you.

You should also carry all the other important documents relating to your dog’s health so that if he falls ill in between your trip, you may visit a new veterinarian. And if your dog is a bit extra-energetic, carry a few pictures of him with you, in case he wanders away.


As I said, your pet may sometimes get too excited when they visit a new place. And if you unleash him, there is a chance you may lose track of him. For such a case, along with some pictures, you should also carry a microchip that can help you track him.

emotional support animal

Microchips are actually becoming quite popular among pet owners nowadays. They use RFID technology to help you find the location of your pet. And each one has a unique identification number that gives you access to the data inside the chip. You may link this chip to a dog-care agency that can help you find your pet if it goes missing.

First-Aid Kits

Seeing your dog fall ill on a trip is probably the last thing you want. However, the excitement of visiting a new place may sometimes make this happen. And for that case, you need to have a good quality first-aid kit handy. Just make sure your kit has all the things that your dog may need if he falls ill.

You can find a decent quality pre-made first-aid kit very easily from a pet store. And these carry all the essential things you may need for your pet’s sickness. However, if you want to make it yourself, you can do that too. Just make sure you have all the important things, like bandages, cotton swabs, tweezers, thermometer, cold swabs, hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic ointments, etc., in it. Another thing you should understand is that if your dog becomes too ill, don’t try to treat it yourself. Instead, find a local veterinarian as soon as possible.

Final Words

Planning a trip with your dog, no doubt, isn’t easy. And if you are a first-timer, it can be even more challenging. However, you don’t need to stress a lot on it. The above-mentioned things can actually help you make your trip very convenient. 

But along with these, you also need to keep in mind that you are there to enjoy. Take pictures with your pet, go on a trek, live in a tent, and do whatever you want to do. Going on a trip with a pet is an experience of a lifetime. And you should cherish every moment of it to the fullest!

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