You must be tired of having the same type of snacks everyday. All you need is some change. But how on earth do we get that change? We should mix it up a bit. You should never run away from trying new things. I feel the best way to make your snack time funky is by adding a little Cottage Cheese to it. Sure, you will never see cottage cheese getting paired with wine or on cheese boards as well. But this could be the most adaptable food in your fridge. Don’t worry even cottage cheese has some qualities. It has a smooth texture and a mild flavour. People also use this for losing weight and  building muscles as well. So yes in a way it is a very beneficial food. I know what you are thinking, and no it is not difficult to come up with new ways to make your everyday snack taste as well as look different with a little cottage cheese. The ideas below will definitely blow your mind!

Mexican Cottage Cheese Dip

You got the nachos but don’t have the perfect dip. Well that problem goes away now. I know you must be tired of eating the same salsa dip again and again. So I have a little something different for your appetite. All you need to do is get some black beans, avocado, corn, tomato and most importantly cottage cheese. And now you have a exotic homemade dip ready to eat. It isn’t absolutely necessary for you to use it with chips or nachos, you can change the trend by making it a salad dressing or a sandwich sauce.  

Beet Salad And Runny Egg With Cottage Cheese

Salads are very boring and can sometimes be very basic. But not anymore! We can change that. All salads have lettuce in them why not try beetroots as your main ingredient. Just keep it simple, slice the beets thin and marinate them with some cottage cheese. Add a soft-boiled egg and small crushed pieces of walnuts. I bet it will fill you up good. 

A Perfect Sandwich

You are out in the heat working to pay the bills. What you need is the perfect sandwich with carbs and protein. And the best way to do this will be using cottage cheese as a filling in for the sandwich which you have lightly glazed in butter. If you like your sandwich spicy you could always add a little chili. And to top it off you can grab a cool lemonade to cool you off. 

Creamy And Cheesy Guacamole

Everyone loves a dish which can be creamy and healthy at the same time. Well this is like a dream come true for you then. All thanks to the super healthy avocado. You have guacamole, stir it in some cottage cheese. And it becomes a protein powerhouse. Which is good for our body.  


Everyone loves burgers. Got some leftovers from the other day, well it can all be used in this dish. Pair it with cottage cheese, zucchini and eggs. You can bake them for 30-40 minutes in the oven to form a patty. And just like that you have your homemade burger. And trust me it will taste delicious and be super healthy. If needed you can add some extra toppings to it according to your liking. And don’t forget to taste it before you gobble it up!

For The Chocolate Lovers

How about some chocolate cheesecake? Its taste is going to be to die for. You won’t really see or taste the cottage cheese in this one. But it will give its creaminess. It isn’t that difficult to make either, it’s like any other cake. Only difference is that you will be adding cottage cheese. I know you guys must be feeling hungry by now. Just thinking about it makes my tummy growl. 

Cottage Cheese and Sweet Potato Pizza 

The Italians will ask for this recipe. I am sure of it. You can make this one for yourself or even for a larger number of people. It is better than ordering pizza as it is going to be tastier and definitely is a healthier option. And it is not difficult to make either, it is just like any other pizza. The only difference is that you have cottage cheese as the topping. You can add veggies based on your liking as well. Some people like spices to be put on their pizza, I personally like mine extra cheesy.