What is real? Is it something you can taste, touch, feel and see. Reality is an interpretation of the electric brain ‘high’ on stimulation or neuro-plasticity. That’s why marijuana can have adverse effects on people who don’t smoke it.

In this New York medical marijuana doctors’ guide, you will find descriptions of astonishing ways cannabis affects the human thought process.
With West Virginia leading legalization revolutions, more and more people are moving towards leveraging therapeutic benefits from cannabis.

What is Cognition?

In everyday language, cognition refers to the range of mental processes which are related to gaining, storing, manipulating and extracting information. Cognition involves multiple functions which depend on circuits in your brain. So, when you reprogram circuits, so do cognitive behaviors.
That’s a lot to digest!
In short, cognition is very important for daily activities.

What Cannabis Can Change In Your Life?

Cannabis is one of the most appreciated plants around the world. Scientists have discovered marijuana’s therapeutic effects, and now individuals are also using it to bring a change in their lives. Here is what cannabis can induce:

Medical cannabis

Hyperfocus And Attention

Hyperfocus is a useful skill, especially during ‘lockdown times’. There are a lot of things that could deplete your attention span, for example: news, notification, pop-ups, etc. Medical cannabis can increase your attention span and focus. That said, we all can use a little extra focus to maintain a good pace at work, relationship and community. How does it happen? Well, scientists have no clue about how exactly consuming marijuana leads to better focus.

Intense Sensory Experience

During a medical marijuana induced sensory experience an ice cream dessert tastes more intense, the air feels fresh and music sounds touch peaks. Our human senses are a powerful and very complex component of overall life experience. It’s true! Our sense creates the world.
Did you know? In sensory enrichment technique, therapists stimulate the neural processing circuits like smell to improve overall memory and cognition functions.

Feeling Of Awesomeness

Medical marijuana can help you feel more present in your body. Reportedly many consumers use the herb to clear out negative belief, thoughts and intentions. For others, it’s part of a self-care routine and it helps not only with skin but gives a boost to self-esteem as well. As per studies, marijuana can help in managing symptoms of anxiety and depression. In most cases, once individuals learn to manage these symptoms, they develop a better self-image.

Redirection of Attention

The key to growth hacking and success lies in unlearning. Believe it or not! Unlearning is harder than learning. Our human brain loves to dig past for finding solutions, that’s why it’s tough to leave the comfort zone. A good deal of weed users have shared that during a ‘high’ it becomes easy to direct attention more to body language and posture. So, during a conversation, it becomes easier to understand and relate to the speaker.

Acute Perception

This plant contains two active compounds called CBD and THC. The latter is a psychoactive compound and may increase internal clock speed. Cannabis can induce an acute sense of perception, for example, during a ‘high’ state you might notice new things in a painting. Every object appears more distinct and clear. There are reportedly experiences in which consumers felt like ‘Alice in Wonderland’. In their experience objects appear to be smaller or larger, or closer or farther away than they actually are.

Strong Synesthetic Experience

There is a strong connection between synesthesia and the creative process of the human brain. Marincolo widely explored the topic in this essay “Baudelaire, Ramachandran, and Colors Containing Music”. Synesthesia is a phenomenon which occurs when a cognitive pathway leads to another one. It is like you open one door and you find another just behind it. In high dosage, cannabis and other psychedelic substances can induce a phenomenon of synthesis.

Vivid Imagination

As per medical marijuana doctors at OnlineMedicalCard, marijuana can improve problem-solving skills, empathy, creativity and critical thinking. Reportedly users have experienced a ‘creative breakthrough’ especially high dosage. During low and medium dosage, it can help in boosting tactile, auditory, and olfactory circuits. Hence you feel an overall sense of well-being. That said, MMJ strains also make a difference. So, Sativa or Indica varieties can have very different effects on consumers.

“They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you’re high, you can do everything you normally do just as well – your just realize that it’s not worth the f*g effort. There is a difference.” – Bill Hicks

Pattern Recognition

Marijuana consumption can lead to an understanding of patterns and routine you follow daily, and can help you in transcending it. So, you might follow the learned routine to solve business problems, deal with family issues and financial issues, etc. Ultimately, when recognizing a pattern and behaviors of others, it becomes easier to make solid decisions. In today’s modern world, pattern recognition can be very useful.

Rooting To You

Medicinal Cannabis enhances one’s mood. The medicinal plant also has antidepressants that can induce uplifting effects. It can help you slow down so that you can practice introspection regularly. It can bring back the importance of living in harmony and balance with nature. Marihuana can reduce anxiety and help you boost creativity. It can also help you regain sense of taste and smell.

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