Obesity is a major concern among millions of people worldwide. Staying indoors puts our mobility to a limit. Apart from that poor eating choice, and zero exercise also adds to the increase in body fat. To begin with, following a fat loss exercise program is the one strategy that can help you shed that side fat. But only burning calories won’t work. In other words, you’d need a properly balanced diet along with it.  

In case you are hitting the gym for the first time, then leverage these top five fat loss exercises. Additionally, it will improve your mood, give you stronger bones and reduce risk of heart diseases. 

Before we go in exercises, I would like to remind you that oral health is as important as physical health so do check these products out.


Let’s assume you don’t want to lift weights or do cardio, in such a case, simply leverage walking. It’s a convenient and easy way to lose some weight. Moreover, you don’t need to pay gym fees or purchase any equipment. Walking for 15min at 4mph can burn up to 135-189 calories depending on your body weight. (source: Harvard Health) It will keep you energized throughout the day and improve your heart rate. To make your walking session more fun, you can tag along with your emotional support dog with you. Once you get used to walking, gradually increase the duration.

Weight Training

Weight training 

Does lifting weight make you gain fat? It is a myth. Unless you are consuming a lot of calories, your muscles will on grow to a healthy normal level. Yes, you have to workout to reduce every extra inch and it is not as easy as you think. Another myth is that once you stop lifting, the muscle will turn into fat. Muscles never transform in fat, or vice versa. When you do weight training, you will start burning fat. That said, building muscle won’t make you stiff. When done right, it will improve your flexibility and mobility. 


Let’s take the motivation to another level. Simply walking is good, but running is great. When you run for 12min at 5mph, you can burn up to 240-336 calories depending on your body weight. Jogging or running sessions help in crafting lean body structure. To build stamina for longer sessions, you’d need muscle building proteins, supplements and lots of enthusiasm. Running can also help you with burning fat, especially belly fat. Also, it will strengthen your organs. To go for a run, you can choose indoor treadmills or catch an outdoor natural trail. 


One of the traditional ways to lose weight, improve flexibility and relieve stress. 

Yoga is not commonly used for weight loss, but do you know? Performing yoga can burn a fair amount of calories. Also, it promotes a healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, and boosts your mental and physical well-being. During your practice session, you’d be taught about mindfulness, control urges and to better understand your body signals. One of the best parts is that you can perform yoga literally anywhere. 



It is by far the most all-rounder exercise on the list. It’s a fantastic way to get in shape, lose weight and gain stamina at the same time. Swimming in general can help you burn 180-252 calories. When you go for a lap you burn up to 300-420 calories. When you swim, you use a variety of muscle groups. It can cut down your body fat significantly, improve flexibility and reduce several factors that can trigger a heart disease such as cholesterol. Another advantage of swimming is it helps you to recover from your joint injury. 

Wrapping Up 

When you are determined to follow an exercise routine, start your day with a healthy breakfast. Find a balance between cardio and weights. A powerful combination of two, along with a couple of diet routines will help you burn extra fat off your body. In case you have no clue how to begin with your exercise routine, simply joining a health and fitness training program. Lastly, do not forget to do stretching before and after each workout session.