There are many aspects of your photography that your viewers might not understand the importance of. Whether it’s the equipment that you use, the time it takes to find a perfect shot or the effort and energy that you put in the post-shoot editing, there are always a few things non-photographers just take for granted. Location is one of these things.

Finding the right location is very important for a photographer. Though photos can be spontaneous, for some particular project you may require a specific type of location. And once you have that perfect location, you just get behind the steering and rush to shoot some amazing stills. You just can’t wait to be creative.

But finding the right spot can be tricky, sometimes. And therefore, we have made a list of five awesome ways to help you find an amazing location to take your camera to.

Google Maps/Earth

You know maps, right? This is surely one of the most familiar and easiest ways to find a location. You probably use it, already. But did you know you can use it for location scouting too? 

The better choice here is, of course, Google Earth. It lets you see the locations with much better details. It also has a 3D landscape feature which allows you to get an idea of the size of the structures around too. Another feature, the street view, can let you see things at an eye-level, and decide what angle or frame will be the best for your pictures.

Photography Websites

There are numerous photography websites out there that can help you find some great places for you to shoot. Flickr is a very good website to help you with the task. Many photos on this website have a location tag. It also has a photo maps feature that lets you see the places with much better details. Another amazing website is 500px. It allows you to have a look at a particular area and see what other photographers are shooting there. 

Try looking for some good places around the area where you currently live, on these websites. You may find some great ideas to shoot at places that you found boring till now. As you’re stepping into someone else’s shoes, you may find things very different.

Instagram Tags

Instagram is a great way to find some amazing spots. And as it is a social media platform, the information you get is always up-to-date. Users typically upload their pictures within hours of clicking. This way, you get the exact and up-to-date information about the current weather conditions, or any other inconveniences, like construction or any special event, that may hamper your photoshoot at the location. Also, if you are planning to click something common, like a landmark, etc., you may see what frames and angles others have used. This can give you some new ideas. You may also try some different angles for your pictures.

Something Usual but Unique

Look for some popular places, such as a landmark or a park, in your own town. Finding parks is very easy. Just open Google Maps and look for the green spots. Parks can offer some great locations for landscape or nature photography. You just need the right perspective. 

Architecture or street art can also be great to capture. Most cities have some nice architectural work and unique buildings that you can use to your advantage. Your own city is a great place to start with. Just walk around here and there, and you may find something great to shoot.

Drive Around for a While

Sometimes, just getting out and exploring can help you find some amazing locations. So, just get behind the wheels and take the roads. Take the paths you don’t normally take. You may find an amazing place that you haven’t seen before. Some of the locations that you find can have great potential. A windmill by the country-side or a stairwell covered with graffiti can give you some wonderful pictures.

Once you are through with your assignment, you can always sit back and relax with the help of products from, your one stop destination for everything relaxing and more. It is a stressful time to be a photographer but having a clear head during your shoots is an essential part of getting the right shot.

So, these were our five ways to find some amazing places to shoot. Did you like any of these? What’s your strategy to find a new place to shoot? Do you have any other ideas besides these five? Tell us in the comment section below.