Photography is a tough hobby, and if you are thinking of making a career out of it, it could be even tougher. But, never let this idea discourage you from picking photography as your future. 

Did you start your search for learning the basics of photography? There is something you need to understand first. 

As beginners or aspiring photographers, you must be intrigued by a lot of options that you can try. Fashion, wildlife, wedding, sports, and whatnot. However, you must always stick to a single niche if you wish to improve your skills. Therefore, instead of becoming the jack of all trades. Pick any of the niches below and slowly work towards mastering your art. 

I’ll walk you through the whole list of photography niches and help you find your best shot.

Portrait Photography 

Portrait Photography 

It is one of the most popular niches and genres in photography. Nowadays, almost everyone can try this particular niche with their smartphones. It’s just like you hold a phone and aim your phone’s camera at a person. And Click!!

But, this photography is more like capturing personalities instead of focusing primarily on the poses. Professional experts often use this niche to photograph supermodels or celebrities on the red carpet. But, one can use this candid photography for your graduation pictures, family portraits, or as headshots by aspiring models. 

The key to the perfect finish is ensuring you are close enough to capture the person’s facial expression. 

Still Life Photography 

This photography ideally involves capturing objects. Nowadays, company owners and marketers are using this niche to advertise their products. They are using such photographs for creating a catalog, magazine, or even billboards. The key element for becoming a still life photographer is to make sure you have great lighting. It does not matter whether you are shooting outdoors or indoors. 

It’s all about the magic of light that gives any photograph that “Oomph factor.” Most beginners think that its the magic of photography. However, it’s the other way round. So, photographers use a lightbox where they illuminate their product at different angles to get the perfect click. 

Are you willing to try this niche? 

Then, start by learning about different marketing practices such as catalogs and brochures. You must invest some time in product photography too. Again, you must have a budget in mind that you can invest initially for all the photography accessories. 

Food Photography 

Food Photography 

If you had been in the year 2000, this would have been a tough nut to crack. Luckily, we are living in a generation where social media controls almost everything. So, you will keep seeing photos of food for fun or marketing purposes. And if you have a decent camera phone, you won’t require any professional standalone camera too. 

Just hold your phone, get the light right, and get started with clicking mouthwatering food shots. White balance is something that you must focus on to create an accurate picture to engage the masses. Work on the reds and the yellows of your images to make your food look more appealing.  If you are in a studio then ensure that you get emergency plumber in Bromsgrove to come down and do the entire plumbing systems to ensure no problems take place when you begin your shooting.

Check this out: If you are a foodie, you will know the right places and angles that can be intriguing for the customers. That’s how you can build your profile as a food photographer. 

Newborn Photography 

Infant photography is typically a new concept. Although it comes under portrait photography, the challenges and the experiences that go with it are pretty much different. And all because newborns are fragile and their eyes are sensitive to light. So, you will need a different skillset and approaches for getting your shot right. Learning different ways to use your camera in the available light would be an added advantage. Also, you will need a studio that is right for the body temperatures of babies. Depending on your theme, make sure it is cold or warm enough for the baby. 

Wait!! Did we mention that bowel movements can be unpredictable with babies? So, it could be a bit crazy than the other photography niches. But at the same time, the rewards can be extremely enticing. 

Final Thoughts

Photography is like a genus that comes with a variety of species. So, other than the niches we talked about, one can go for sports, landscape, wildlife, and wedding niches as well. Therefore, if you have been into photography for a while, you must have realized a few niches that you perfect naturally. But, if you wish to excel in one of the niches, you must go ahead and choose the one that will suit your caliber and personality the best. 

But how to decide what will work for you? 

Well, it’s simple. Answer a few questions about yourself and get started with your career right away. So, the questions should be something like this:

  • What do you like doing?
  • What are you good at?
  • Can you invest in additional equipment?
  • What suits your budget and personality the most?
  • Can you travel, or do you want it to be a local affair?

Think about it professionally and if the choice can help you sustain in the long run. Once you are sure of that, choosing the right niche for yourself won’t be challenging anymore.