We all, at some point of time, feel like restarting life. With all the lessons and regrets, I believe, if given a chance, we can lead a much better life. Well, do we really need to restart our lives for that? Can’t we just start from wherever we are?

We can. Don’t let anyone suggest otherwise. No matter where you are, how much you have failed or achieved, and what your age is, you can always change your life for good.

But how do we change it as soon as possible? Well, in order to make something a habit, you need at least 20 days. So, we can probably try to change our lives in 30 days, which sounds practically possible. And trust me, if you are determined, it will definitely happen for you.

Know Yourself Better

Know Yourself Better

To begin with, you need to know what exactly you are working on. It is like understanding what your canvas is, a pot, paper, bowl, or a canvas. To understand yourself, pick up a pen and a notebook and start writing everything you know about yourself. Your strengths and weaknesses, your trigger points and your flaws, areas that require improvement, and your expectations from yourself.

Make sure you are honest but not extremely hard on yourself. In these 30 days your self love is going to help you bring in the change you want so make sure you practice self love properly. 

Set Small Goals

Your main goal is to change your life, right? There has to be a particular way in which you would be trying to bring in the change. Everyone has a specific area and intention set for change. Recognize that intention. Maybe you intend to be more productive, positive, calm, fun, chill, serious, or disciplined. Whatever your intentions are, set goals according to them.

For instance, if you wish to be more productive, waking up early, following a schedule, avoiding social media, and working for longer hours can prove to be the right goals for you. Similarly, if you wish to be more positive, meditating regularly, paying gratitude, writing in a journal, and shifting your mindset towards positive thoughts consciously can help you achieve your goal easily.

Introduce Change in Your Surroundings

Introduce Change in Your Surroundings

Changing your physical world can help you change your spiritual world. Declutter your room, clean your place, start making your bed, do the dishes regularly, get those leakages and broken pipes fixed, you can reach out to an emergency plumber in Milton Keynes. When you clear the physical mess, the mess in your life starts getting decluttered ultimately. Maintain your surroundings and see how these minor changes help you change your life and mindset.

Be Consistent

Whatever change you are trying to implement needs to be consistently followed every single day for 30 days. Let’s say if your intention is to have a peaceful, productive morning routine, you are supposed to wake up at the same time every single morning for 30 days and even after that. You cannot expect things to change or remain the same if you refuse to put in the efforts required to maintain that change.

Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

Taking care of yourself is extremely important if you intend to bring in a positive change in your life. It is like feeding your body a balanced diet if your goal is better health. Take proper meals, eat right, healthy food, and incorporate workout in your routine. Along with your physical health, make sure you are taking care of your mental health as well. Feed your mind with positive thoughts. Meditate, practice mindfulness and recite positive affirmations everyday to have a positive, calm, and prepared mind perfectly suitable for change and improvement.

Don’t Give Up

You may fail, you may not witness any change, and the process may seem difficult and exhausting. Even if you fail to stay consistent at times, do not give up! Pick yourself up and restart the process, you will definitely witness change. Expect things to fall on track, in your favor, and change however you want them to. More importantly, believe that this is possible. When you believe, when you put your efforts without second guessing the result in return of your efforts, you set yourself for victory.